Reward Awards

(Closing date for nominations was 14 Aug 2018)


The Remuneration Report 2018

In this category, organisations are recognised for how they have demonstrated that they comply with the King IVTM remuneration reporting and disclosure principles through clear and concise disclosure of the company’s remuneration philosophy and its application. The panel will evaluate nominations against the principles of King IV and how organisations have demonstrated the broad principles of transparency, fairness and responsible pay decisions.  As well as having regard to the requirements of legislation and corporate governance principles, the report worthy of an award will display evidence of a commitment to best practice and communication of how the company’s approach to remuneration supports its business strategy and aligns the interests of its executives with those of its shareholders.   Specific focus will be given to how organisations report on the remuneration detail, including fixed and variable pay, and the single figure of remuneration for executive disclosure.

We will be recognising the top 3 nominated organisations (through third, second and first place) and celebrating the success of those who are building tomorrow’s total reward practices today.

Remuneration reports published prior to 30 June 2018 and in respect of financial years ending on or before 31 March 2018 will be eligible for nomination.

Nominations have closed.

Project of the Year 2018

In this category, we recognise an individual or team who have been responsible and actively involved in the development and implementation of a new Reward Project. This could be of short-term or long-term nature, whether procedural, or operational or strategic in nature.  The impact horizon can range from 2 months to more than 12 months.

The individual or team would be responsible for a Reward Project which demonstrates innovative and relevant reward practices that supports the unique business environment and strategy and contributes towards the organisation’s objectives and success.

The winners will not only receive the acclaim and recognition from their peers, but will also receive a cash prize of R30 000 for the 1st prize, R20 000 for the 2nd prize and R10 000 for 3rd prize.

Nominations have closed.