SARA WEBINAR: SARA Tax 101 Workshop

We are delighted to announce that it is time for our Annual Tax Workshop, which has been running for 15 years and this will be the 3rd year virtually. 

The workshop is a must for all members to refresh their tax computational skills on impacting employee take-home pay. This is the most basic training possible, with past attendees being from SARA Interns to HR Executives; together unpacking tax computations in a safe and deeply educational environment. We also deal with basics of expatriate employees, Covid-19 tax items and the latest tax law changes.

We will be running a virtual tax workshop incorporating the fundamentals surrounding employees’ tax which is perfect for HR, Payroll, Reward, Mobility and Finance professionals alike. 

The workshop will be co-presented by Tanya Tosen and Jerry Botha incorporating the below agenda items which will be easily grasped by all attendees:

  1. Understanding and using the tax table to calculate tax.
  2. Rebates and how they apply to tax calculations.
  3. Payslip calculations and net pay using the T-Account approach.
  4. Part year calculations and impact when SARS assesses the individual at year end; and
  5. Overview of remote working and the tax implications thereof.

We will be performing approximately 15-20 practical calculations during the session. This workshop will be perfect for both experienced and entry level professionals to solidify their foundational tax knowledge. This is a safe learning environment, where the emphasis is on true knowledge transfer and learning.

The pricing has been computed to cover costs only based on a minimum delegate number, as this training opportunity forms part of SARA's initiative to give back to its members and the wider industry through its development and other resources. 

To ensure an effective learning experience, there is a limited number of seats available.

Delegates are requested to please have an appropriate calculator available for their use during the workshop (a large one and not on your phone), as well as a pen, paper, and ruler for this very enjoyable and informative session.

Date: 8 June 2022
Time: 09:00 – 13:00
Presenter:  Jerry Botha and Tanya Tosen
Venue: Your PC
Cost: SARA Paid-Up Members: R950 | Non-SARA Members: R1 900
CPD: 4 points

To ensure an effective and interactive experience, there are a limited number of seats available.

About Jerry Botha and Tanya Tosen - Tax Consulting South Africa

  Jerry Botha specialises in employee remuneration, benefits, and tax. He holds his own FSB license, is a Master Reward Specialist, CFP and Chair’s the SARA Employee Benefit and Tax Committee.
Tanya Tosen’s experience spans over the mobility, HRIS, payroll, tax, and benefits spheres. She holds a B-com Financial Accounting degree, a Computer Science diploma as well as an Advanced Certification in Tax from the University of Pretoria. Tanya was also awarded her Master Mobility Specialist accreditation through SARA.  
The team from Tax Consulting has also in the last year published the Second Edition of the Lexis Nexis textbook:- “Expatriate Tax: South African Citizens Working Abroad and Foreigners in South Africa”. They will also give a quick overview of the most fundamental changes.