Employment Opportunities

  • Email jobs@sara.co.za to post your job here.
  • SARA members may post jobs free of charge while non-members can also contact jobs@sara.co.za to enquire about job posting rates.
  • For all reward jobs, it is a requirement to indicate the relevant SARA professional designation aligned to the post.

Human Resources Digital and Remuneration Team Lead

Responsible for HR systems, remuneration analysis, dashboard reporting and various other functions.

Enquiries can be directed to Sandra Minne at sminne@medihelp.co.za
Internal applicants can apply via this link: https://medihelp.mcidirecthire.com/internal/currentopportunities
External applicants can apply via this link: https://medihelp.mcidirecthire.com/default/External/CurrentOpportunities

Minimum SARA designation of Reward Specialist is required (or advantageous) Please click here to apply by 20 May 2022.

Reward Specialist

The purpose of this role is to provide advice, expertise, coordination and analytical support for broad reward practices, processes and systems to GSS and the Corporate office.  This job requires GRP Certification with professional designation of Reward Specialist or higher.  Please click here to apply by 25 May 2022.

SARA Employment Initiative

The Coronavirus pandemic has placed severe distress on many businesses, and many organisations have had to retrench staff. The total reward fraternity is no exception. As part of SARA’s role we have introduced an Employment Support Initiative, whereby reward practitioners that have been made redundant as a result of the pandemic and are available for employment, are listed below for potential employers to consider for full time, part time, flexi-time or project work.

Should you, as a potential employer, be interested in any of the listed resources, kindly contact the SARA Project Manager, Debbie Lane-Mitchell (Debbie@sara.co.za) for further information.